GPE, Inc

GPE, Inc is a measurement solutions company specializing in flowmeters and pumps for the oil and gas industry. Located in New York with offices and factories in New Jersey, we aim to sell quality products to distributors, agencies as well as end users worldwide. Our equipment is not only priced competitively due to new cost-cutting techniques in operations and logistics but they are also advanced as well. At GPE, we perform research on breakthrough technology to keep ahead of our competitors.


Our products are varied and diverse as we desire to create the best equipment for a multitude of industries. These include, but are not limited to the oil and gas, food beverage, chemical, and shipbuilding industries.

In addition to our various products, our employees at GPE, Inc are diverse as well. We, at GPE, believe that success comes from bringing people of various backgrounds as a team. Their unique ideas and experience are invaluable for us. That’s why we aim to have to have a diverse workforce.

Goals & Core Values

Our goal at GPE is to not only make our customers satisfied with their purchase, but we are also dedicated to designing our products to be energy efficient, environmentally friendly, and secure.

GPE’s specialized engineering teams have been infused with these objectives and are consistently making sure that our equipment meets those standards.

  • Precision

    As a measurement solutions company, GPE believes that it is our responsibility to ensure that our products show precise readings and consistent accuracy every time it is used.

  • Perfection

    We believe that all of our products should have the highest quality. We scrutinize every meter produced to reassure that they are operating correctly and that they meet international standards.

  • Professionalism

    Our engineers, managers and sales persons are all dedicated to guaranteeing a healthy environment for both our customers and company.